by Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D.
Pocket size Manual, 49 pages
ISBN 0-9714574-1-7 (September 2001)

“A Life Saving Manual – ”
FOX NEWS CHANNEL, October 18, 2001



Terrorists have attacked the United States of America and many other countries multiple times. Since 1990 Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist camps have trained more than 5000 recruits to make and distribute chemical and biological weapons, make and use all types of explosives including nuclear devices, where to hide bombs, and how to assimilate in our society “to await activation orders.” Training manuals target specific buildings, bridges, embassies, schools, and even amusement parks.

Bin Laden writes: “I will give you the training so you can carry on after we are gone. Our struggle will never end; it will grow stronger and more lethal by the year.” (Jihad Against America)

We individuals have not been prepared, nor do we know what to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. How to Save Yourself From A Terrorist Attack informs you in large print and easy to understand language about the various possible types of attack, which ones are most likely to occur, how to recognize and diagnose them, and how to protect against them.

  • Nuclear Attack, & Outer Space Weapons
  • Radioactive + Explosive Attack
  • Electricity Disruption
  • Computer / Information Disruption
  • Chemical Attack
  • Learn to recognize each agent by its characteristic smell
  • Learn how to decontaminate yourself
  • Learn the antidotes needed and when to use them
  • Biological Attack
    Learn the most likely agents to be used, how to recognize their symptoms, incubation periods
    Learn preventive treatments and treatments for active disease.
    Learn simple decontamination procedures
  • Learn the FIVE Step Plan to protect yourself, what medications you need, and what items you need to buy from a dollar store
  • Defend Yourself From A Viral Attack

We will not allow terrorists to take our freedoms or make us live in fear.  By standing together and by following these simple Five Steps, we can and we will prevail over any terrorist organization. God Bless America!

This manual was printed a few weeks after 9-11


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