NUTRITIONAL HYDRATION, Medical Strategy for Military and Athlete Warriors


Ten Point Plan for Superior Performance and Extended Life – with DVD “Warrior Training”
by Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D.
Softcover, 96 pages with 46 minute DVD “Warrior Training” – nutrition, kettlebell use, and rubber band stretching technique
160 references with over 500 more referred
July 2007 – ISBN 0-9714574-4-1 

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The chance of success in military operations, competitions, or emergency situations is greater if you are physically and mentally fit. Your Nutritional Hydration status before, during and after military missions or competitions dramatically influences your physiology and therefore influences the outcome – good or bad. The smart, well informed, well trained and properly nutritionally hydrated warrior is an awesome opponent and can beat a complacent leader. This warrior has the advantage and can become the leader. This book will help you dispel many myths and share with you “tip of the spear” scientific facts to achieve superior performance, decrease risk for disease, and extend life. Nutritional HydrationTM Medical Strategy for Military and Athlete Warriors will positively change the lives of men and women and dramatically change their futures by following Dr. Simone’s easy Ten Point Plan. The choice is yours.


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