Protector ONCCOR®



  • Protector ONCCOR® (NDC #62403 0001 2) combines 29 nutrients in the correct ratio and form (crystalline, not oil based): antioxidants, B’s, and other important nutrients. 
  • More beta-carotene: 30 mg = 50,000 IU.
  • More of all other antioxidants: lutein, lycopene, vitamins E and C, copper, selenium (organic non-toxic form), zinc, bioflavonoids, L-cysteine.
  • More of the important Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
  • Has no iron – iron causes free radicals. Iron deficiency anemia should be treated by your doctor using therapeutic doses.
  • Has no calcium – fiber food binds calcium and renders it useless.
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Because these nutrients are so important for our health, one way to get them is to eat certain fruits and vegetables daily in large quantities. But so many of us are not consistent about eating these foods (unprocessed) or are unable to do so. Therefore, Protector ONCCOR® represents an easy and safe way to ensure added protection.

Protector ONCCOR® is a medically advanced Antioxidant multiple formula: more beta-carotene (30 mg = 50,000 IU), with lutein, lycopene, Vitamins E and C, selenium, copper, zinc, chromium, bioflavonoids, and L-cysteine. Other multiples do not include these, or do so in small amounts because they are too expensive. Protector ONCCOR® has more amounts B vitamins, key minerals, and more vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – 29 nutrients in all.  It is recommended as a food supplement for everyone.

Beta-carotene is an important protective Antioxidant. Leading government agencies recommend 5-6 mg of carotene a day.  Other studies recommend 20-50 mg/day. But US Dept of Agriculture Food Intake Survey shows that Americans consume only 1.5 mg of carotene a day.

Protector ONCCOR® is recommended as a food supplement for all, especially dieters, smokers, drinkers, elderly, teenagers, those who are who are stressed physically, with allergies, and athletes. Protector ONCCOR® does not interfere with chemotherapy, radiation, or medications.  In fact, cancer patients have nutrient deficiencies and should take a supplement like Protector ONCCOR®.

Protector ONCCOR®: one tablet twice a day with food.



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